The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF) mandate, To honour and celebrate Canadian songwriters and those who have dedicated their lives to the legacy of music, and to educate the public about these achievements, provides a unique opportunity to engage future generations in understanding and valuing Canadian music and songwriting.

CSHF and Magic Lantern Media have collaborated to develop an educational service that uses Canadian music for learning. A national online youth education program, Educating Through Music features the music of Canadian songwriters as a means of teaching provincial curriculum in various subject areas.

Music is a powerful educational tool that students readily embrace, and Canadian music often tells the story of our nation, its regions and its people.

With a focus on students from grades seven to ten, the website is an education resource tool for teachers to make use of Canadian music toward their efforts in music education as well as other subjects where music style and lyrics have relevance. The site includes ready-made lesson plans in both official languages using the music of CSHF inductees to teach such subjects as Canadian and World History, Language Arts, and Social Studies.

The website is also an “educational theatre” for students desiring to have music in their life as a career, hobby or simply for enjoyment. In addition to learning about the stories of Canadian songwriters, their songs and history, students may use the site to access information about music copyright, rights management, the Canadian music industry, and more.

Other resources and tools available on the site include related audio and video content; photos; song lyrics; artist profiles; articles; and student activities.

Educating Through Music content is available to schools via subscription. For more information, see

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