Boo Hoo (You’ve Got Me Crying For You)

Year Inducted: 2006
Era Inducted To: Radio Era
Written In:1937
Composer(s):Carmen Lombardo, Edward Heyman & John Jacob Loeb

Carmen Lombardo’s Boo Hoo was The Royal Canadian’s most successful recording, charting at #1 on the U.S. charts in 1937. The sheet music went on to have six printings, and Boo Hoo gained further popularity after being used in the 1937 movie Dead End.

Originally The Royal Canadians’ vocalist, featured on Boo Hoo, Carmen Lombardo’s style was very distinct. Some said it was nervousness and was described as if he were “eating honey with chopsticks.” Said Carmen, “It was a very awful, very nervous voice,” Carmen laughed. When Carmen stepped down as vocalist to turn his attention more seriously to writing, others in The Royal Canadians took the bandstand like crooner-guitarist Don Rodney, Lombardo brother-in-law tenor, Kenny Gardener, and Carmen’s sister Rosemarie.

Carmen Lombardo successfully collaborated with many US composers including Boo Hoo‘s Edward Heyman and John Jacob Loeb. Heyman was born and raised in New York City and began writing musicals at a young age. He eventually moved on to write the scores for Broadway classics such as Here Goes the Bride, Murder at the Vanities and Pardon our French. His most well known work remains the war musical At Your Service. John Jacob Loeb collaborated with Lombardo on numerous other songs, including It’s Easier Said Than Done and Get Out Those Old Records.

COVER ARTISTS INCLUDE: Count Basie, Fats Waller and the Bell Sisters, Guy Lombardo, Russ Morgan and his Orchestra.

Boo Hoo (You’ve Got Me Crying For You)



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