Deux enfants du même âge

Year Inducted: 2010
Era Inducted To: Radio Era
Written In:1958
Lyricist(s):Germaine Dugas Montreal, Quebec, 1934
Composer(s):Germaine Dugas Montreal, Quebec, 1934

A pioneer among female singer-songwriters in Quebec, Germaine Dugas was also one of the first women to record her own songs. In 1958, she had her first hit with her song Viens avec moi et tu verras, a military march that became very popular with students. But Dugas’ biggest hit was with the song Deux enfants du même âge, for which she won the prestigious Grand Prix du disque Canadien in 1959, a first at the time not only for a woman, but for a singer-songwriter.

This hit brought her to sing across Quebec’s “boîtes à chansons” clubs, and to various Parisian clubs, including Chez Patachou. Multitalented, she became a television host for Radio-Canada with Raymond Lévesque from 1959 to 1963, with the children’s television show “Coucou.”

With its poignant descriptive of life’s innocence and beauty, as seen through the wide eyes of two young children, the song Deux enfants du même âge now stands as a classic of Quebec chanson.

Cover artists include: Marie-Jo Thério

Deux enfants du même âge


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