Year Inducted: 2010
Era Inducted To: Modern Era
Written In:1971
Lyricist(s):Claude Gagnon, Marcel Sabourin
Composer(s):Robert Charlebois

Fu Man Chu is a grandiose and epic 10 minute piece that conjures up images of both black and white Fu Man Chu adventure movies and Gene Autry Western movies. By bringing us back to a time when these movies were presented in Montreal Church Halls in the 1950s, Charlebois thrusts us back to his childhood memories, under the cold sheets of his bed. In Fu Man Chu, Charlebois relives scenes from his childhood adventures, between exciting movie presentations and his father’s pleas for him to go back to bed.

Title track of Charlebois’ 5th album released in 1972, Fu Man Chu differs from all other Charlebois songs, with its musical ingenuity and its lyrics filled with fantasies and puns. The song is divided in three sections, a musical concept that was unheard of at the time in Quebec. With Fu Man Chu, Charlebois transports us into a fascinating imaginary universe that awakens childhood memories and plunges the listener in adventures of heroes Lady Trenton and Bill Inquiétude, along with Apollo 16 astronauts entering the Milky Way.

Cover artists include: Marie-Denise Pelletier, Yann Perreault, Mara Tremblay and Pierre Flynn.