Put Your Head on my Shoulder

Year Inducted: 2008
Era Inducted To: Modern Era
Written In:1959
Lyricist(s):Paul Anka
Composer(s):Paul Anka

Put Your Head on my Shoulder is one of the most cherished love songs of all time. Paul Anka wrote and recorded it in 1959, at the height of his fame as a pop idol. Like his previous hits, Anka’s song captured the coy tenderness of the 1950’s teenage popular culture.

His inspiration came from his fans, whom he would observe in the audience during his performances. “I was very much aware of the ambience of these record hops…that was a room full of kids, and a lot of ballads, and everyone was holding each other, and I am up there singing alone to all of these teenagers and everybody’s head was on each others’ shoulders. It was kind of important back in the 50’s, a time of innocence and romance…”

Put Your Head on my Shoulder reached #2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Nine years later, it resurfaced at #44 on the charts with The Lettermen’s 1968 rendition.

Canadian singer Michael Bublé—who began as Anka’s protégé—also covered Put Your Head on my Shoulder on his widely successful 2003 self-titled debut album.

Cover artists include: Ronnie Aldridge, Michael Bublé, Ray Franky, Leif Garrett, Good Charlotte The Lettermen, Maureen McGovern, P.J. Proby, Gustavo Rivera, Jerry Vale and Albert West.

Put Your Head on my Shoulder



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