There’s a Love Knot in my Lariat

Year Inducted: 2007
Era Inducted To: Radio Era
Written In:1937
Lyricist(s):Wilf Carter
Composer(s):Wilf Carter

There’s a Love Knot in My Lariat is widely acknowledged as one of Wilf Carter’s signature tunes and is an honest expression of his feelings for his future wife and muse, Bobbie Bryan, and his longing for his Alberta prairie life.

Commonly known as ‘The Yodeling Cowboy,’ Carter was admired for his simple, straightforward singing and guitar style and wrote several hundred songs, known for their cowboy, hobo and prairie imagery.

Carter’s well-documented inspiration for There’s a Love Knot in My Lariat came to him when he was walking to work at CBS Studios in his chaps in New York City. In just one day, he wrote the song and performed it on air. Subsequently, it became his theme song.

Country music star Slim Whitman, who has covered several of Wilf Carter’s songs during his career, had considerable success in the United Kingdom with his version of There’s a Love Knot in My Lariat. Alberta Slim also sang this song during his first radio stint in Regina in the early 1930’s.

Cover artists include: Slim Whitman, Alberta Slim, Frank Ifield, Judy Coder and Pride of the Prairie: Western Sky, Randy Hollar, Roger Tibbs, Brett Kissel, and Teresa Endres

There’s a Love Knot in my Lariat




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