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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following:

Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) – for licensing our use of Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony audio/visual recordings that were originally recorded by professional Musicians who are (or were) members of Canadian Locals of the Canadian Federation of Musicians / American Federation of Musicians (AFM) at the time the original recordings were created.
Crescent – for assisting in the strategic development of our reinvigorated brand image and enhanced online presence including, the creation of our new logo and design and build of our revamped website.
Instinct Entertainment & Communications – for clearing audio-visual works, audio works, images, etc. for use by the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, assisting in negotiations to use copyrighted products, and providing expert knowledge of copyright law.
Betty Nygaard King – for conducting research for the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and preparing inductee biographies. Betty lives in Ottawa, where she earned degrees in music and English literature from Carleton University. She has done research for the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame since its founding, and she is a frequent contributor to The Canadian Encyclopedia and a former subject editor of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. She is the author of Hell Hath No Fury: Famous Women in Crime, and Alexander Brott: My Lives in Music. Betty’s interests include purebred cats and playing the Celtic harp.
Robert Thérien—for conducting research for the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and preparing inductee biographies. Located in Montréal, Robert Thérien is a Communications graduate. He has authored the Dictionnaire de la musique populaire au Québec 1950-1992 (PUL, 1992), L’histoire de l’enregistrement sonore au Québec et dans le monde (PUL, 2003) and Beau Dommage : Tellement on s’aimait (VLB Éditeur, 2009). Since 1990, he has produced or collaborated to the editing of over 200 albums, mainly reissues and compilations. He is currently working on an encyclopaedia of over 9,000 Québec artists (Francophone and Anglophone) in all music genres from 1900 to the present including a bio and extensive discography for each of them. He is a speaker and has taught the history of music in Québec. He owns a massive record collection devoted to his principal area of research.