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Chad Kroeger wrote that?!


By Karen Bliss

There has been a resurgence of respect and love for Nickelback since they resurfaced from COVID, particularly from the younger TikTok generation just discovering the band, which formed in 1995. Frontman Chad Kroeger and guitarist Ryan Peake were also the hit of the 2022 Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame gala for the industry crowd when they performed an explosive version of inductees Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance’s classic hit “Summer of ’69.”

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (CARAS) inducted them into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame earlier this year, which was accompanied by a year-long exhibit at Calgary’s National Music Centre, the country’s equivalent to the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame. They dropped a brand new album, their tenth, Get Rollin’, and have been on tour.

This past week, the Toronto International Film Festival premiered a documentary, Hate To Love: Nickelback, which is currently seeking distribution. We all know their songs, “How You Remind Me,” “Rockstar,” and “Photograph,” to name just a few, but what about the songs Kroeger has co-written for other artists? Here are just some examples, and it’s a lot.

Avril Lavigne
Kroeger co-wrote most of the songs on the pop singer’s 2013 self-titled fifth album, “Rock n Roll,” “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” “Bitchin’ Summer,” “Let Me Go,” “Give You What You Like,” “Bad Girl,” “Hello Kitty,” and “Sippin’ On Sunshine.”

Theory of a Dead Man
The first signing to Kroeger’s 604 Records, the Nickelback frontman co-wrote all the songs on their 2002 self-titled debut album.

Kroeger, who signed rock act Default to his 604 Records, fronted by Dallas Smith, co-wrote most of the songs on the band’s 2001 debut, The Fallout, including “Sick & Tired,” “Deny,” “Slow Me Down,” “One Late Night,” “Seize The Day,” “Live A Lie” and “Faded.” He later had a song on the band’s third album, 2005’s One Thing Remains, called “Count On Me.”

Dallas Smith
When Smith put out his country music debut in 2012, Kroeger had a co-write on “The Song That’s In My Head.”

Kroeger co-wrote two songs on the American Idol rocker’s second album, 2009’s Leave This Town, “No Surprise,” and “Life After You,” plus iTunes bonus track, “On The Inside.”

Carlos Santana
Kroeger is the sole songwriter on “Why Don’t You & I” on Santana’s 2002 album, Shaman, and “Into The Night” is found on 2007’s compilation, Ultimate Santana.

Kroeger, who signed the Big Wreck frontman for his new band, Thornley, co-wrote “Your Song” on the 2010 album Tiny Pictures.

Bo Bice
Kroger’s wrote “You’re Everything” on his 2005 album, The Real Thing.

Tim McGraw
Kroger co-wrote “It’s a Business Doing Pleasure With You” with Brett James for the country star’s 2009 album, Southern Voice.

Kroeger is one of many writers on “Tomorrow In the Bottle,” found on the producer’s third collab album, 2009’s Shock Value II.

My Darkest Days
Another 604 signing, Kroeger co-wrote most of the tracks on their 2010 self-titled debut album, “Move Your Body,” “Porn Star Dancing,”” Like Nobody Else,” “The World Belongs To Me,” “Save Me,” “Can’t Forget You” and “Goodbye.”

Steel Panther
Kroeger is one of the many writers on “It Won’t Suck Itself” on 2011’s Balls Out.



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