Everybody Knows

Year Inducted: 2006
Era Inducted To: Modern Era
Written In:1988
Lyricist(s):Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson
Composer(s):Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson

Featured on the album I’m Your Man, the moody song Everybody Knows was one of the Leonard Cohen’s first collaborations with American songwriter and vocalist Sharon Robinson.

Everybody Knows gained mainstream popularity when a cover version by Concrete Blonde was used in the 1990 soundtrack for Pump Up the Volume which reached #20 on American charts. The original song also appeared in the popular Atom Egoyan film, Exotica, and was covered by Don Henley on a Leonard Cohen tribute album in 1995.

COVER ARTISTS INCLUDE: Concrete Blonde, Dark Gift, Keith Hancock, Don Henley, Dayna Kurtz, Mean Larry & Friends, Jean-Claude Toran, Florent Vollant, and The Washington Squares

Everybody Knows




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