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A radio host that played a key role in the promotion of Quebec artists.
Il suffit de peu de choses
  • Year Inducted: 2008
  • Written In: 1960
Fernand Robidoux Lyricist
Moune Victor Lyricist
André Lejeune
Radio host, singer and writer Fernand Robidoux was a great follower of André Lejeune’s career and admirer of his songs. As a contribution to the artist’s budding career, Robidoux invited him to set to music a text that he had written with his partner, the French-born Moune Victor.

A popular singer and dedicated advocate of Quebec song, Robidoux was among the first artists to record original Quebec songs, including pieces by Raymond Lévesque in the U.K.’s Decca Studios, in breach of his agreement with RCA Victor, a label that refused to sign Quebec singer-songwriters and preferred releasing adaptations of American or French hit songs instead.

As a radio host, Robidoux played a key role in the promotion of Quebec artists, a cause that was close to his heart. A pioneer of the development of the Quebec music industry, he organized songwriting competitions that led to the discovery of many new artists, including André Lejeune.

The lyrics of Il suffit de peu de choses were written specifically for André Lejeune by the Robidoux-Victor team. Upon release in 1960, the piece charted at #21.

Following that success, many writers, songwriters, journalists and artists proposed original lyrics to Lejeune in the hope of seeing their creations recorded and hearing them played on radio.

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