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Oh What A Feeling
  • Year Inducted: 2011
  • Written In: 1971
Kelly Jay Songwriter
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Roly Greenway Songwriter
Econoline Crush
Crack of Dawn
In 1971, Kelly Jay Fordham and Roly Greenway of Crowbar co-wrote the rock anthem Oh, What a Feeling for their debut album ‘Bad Manors’. The first single symbolized the carefree hippie generation and soared up the charts quickly reaching gold in Canada. The song is also featured on the live album at Massey Hall, ‘Larger Than Life’, which received a RPM Gold Leaf for outstanding Canadian record sales. Unfortunately, due to the drug connotation in the lyrics, it failed to gain airplay in the United States, however it reached gold in England.

À l’époque, Carl Sigman et Percy Faith se retrouvent souvent au Long Island Roosevelt Field, un hippodrome où l’on entend parfois une vieille chanson française. La chanson s’étant mise à hanter l’esprit de Percy, ce dernier ne tarde pas à demander à Carl, d’un ton espiègle à la manière d’un défi, de l’aider à écrire un succès inspiré de la fameuse mélodie. C’est ainsi que naît My Heart Cries for You.

Oh, What a Feeling has become a Canadian cultural staple and in 2009 it became the official theme song for the Grey Cup. It was thought to be a counter-culture pro-drug song back in the day but has now become an anthem of ‘the establishment’. Co-writer Kelly Jay Fordham insists the song was never about drugs but that “it was written in 1969. Man walked on the moon. Woodstock. The summer of love. It was written about the times, about everything that was happening.” According to Fordham, “The song was meant to be celebratory.”

During 1969, most of the members of Crowbar were members of Ronnie Hawkins’ backup band under the name, And Many Others, however they were fired in 1970. Their name came to them while Hawkins angrily yelled at them, saying “You guys are so crazy that you could mess up a crowbar in seconds!” They recorded their first album, ‘Official Music’, in 1970. Crowbar’s rock, blues and boogie mix made it one of Canada’s most popular touring bands of the early 1970s. Crowbar broke up in 1975 but was revived in 1977 for a tour of eastern Canada.

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Oh, What a Feeling - Crowbar
"Oh, What a Feeling" was written by Kelly Jay & Roly Greenway of the band Crowbar. The song was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011. "Oh, What a Feeling" was performed by Crowbar at the 2011 CSHF Induction Gala.
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