Four Strong Winds

Year Inducted: 2003
Era Inducted To: Modern Era
Written In:1961
Lyricist(s):Ian Tyson
Composer(s):Ian Tyson

Originally a member of the influential folk duo Ian & Sylvia, Ian Tyson penned one of the most influential songs of the folk era. Tyson wrote Four Strong Winds the day after spending an evening with Bob Dylan. Apparently, Tyson came to the conclusion that if Dylan could do it, so could he. The next day, he went to his manager’s apartment and wrote Four Strong Winds. Tyson’s first song, which became an immortal classic, is about the seasonal migration of workers across the country, from one harvest to the next, and its effect on a love affair. After Ian & Sylvia parted ways in the mid-1970s, Tyson returned to Alberta to train horses and write and record music as a solo artist.

Cover Artists Include: Harry Belafonte, John Denver, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings, Neil Young

Four Strong Winds



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