Born to Be Wild

Year Inducted: 2003
Era Inducted To: Modern Era
Written In:1968
Lyricist(s):Mars Bonfire
Composer(s):Mars Bonfire

Dennis Edmonton (aka Mars Bonfire) was originally in the Toronto blues band Sparrow, before he went on to pursue a solo career, while the three remaining band members went on to form Steppenwolf. Mars Bonfire’s Born to Be Wild was a million-selling single for Steppenwolf and the song became an immortal classic when Dennis Hopper used it in the groundbreaking counterculture film Easy Rider. Over the years, as times and popular cultures have changed, the heavy metal image of Born to Be Wild has gone through a metamorphosis. While still a staple for bikers and bike lovers around the world (especially Harley Davidson aficionados), audiences can now hear this bad-boy classic in family films such as Stuart Little 2, Wild America, Neverending Story III and Recess: School’s Out. Today, almost everyone can enjoy Bonfire’s masterpiece in their own way, from films and CDs, to sheet music and even ringtones.

Cover Artists Include: Blue Öyster Cult, Crowded House, Dr & The Medics, INXS, Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers, Steve Martin, Muppets, Steppenwolf