Moi, mes souliers

Year Inducted: 2006
Era Inducted To: Radio Era
Written In:1951
Lyricist(s):Félix Leclerc
Composer(s):Félix Leclerc

Initially a poet, an author and an actor, Félix Leclerc turned to song in the late 1940s for a relatively limited audience. In 1950, Jacques Normand introduced the French manager Jacques Canetti to Leclerc’s Le train du Nord. Canetti immediately invited the artist to perform in France, where he met with meteoric success. The same year, Leclerc wrote Moi, mes souliers, for which he received the Grand Prix du Disque of the Charles Cros Academy, making him the first great Quebec chansonnier.

By giving the same title to his autobiography, initially published in 1955 in Paris and published in Canada by Fides in 1960, Félix Leclerc seemed to put his personal stamp of approval on Moi, mes souliers, a song that, half a century later, is still engraved in our collective unconscious.

COVER ARTISTS INCLUDE: Céline Dion, Tirelou, Daniel Lavoie, Hugues Aufray, Johanne Blouin and François Béranger.

Moi, mes souliers



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