Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin

Year Inducted: 2007
Era Inducted To: Modern Era
Written In:1969
Lyricist(s):Jean-Pierre Ferland
Composer(s):Jean-Pierre Ferland

On June 24, 1975, Ginette Reno performed Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin before 250,000 people on Montreal’s Mount Royal as part of the festivities for St-Jean-Baptiste Day and International Women’s Year. Reno’s performance had such an emotional impact on her audience that the song continues to be regarded by her fans as part of Reno’s repertoire, rather than as a cover version of a Ferland song. Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin has since become a high point of Reno’s career as well as a true Quebec classic.

Originally recorded by Ferland in Paris in 1969, Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin went unnoticed by the public following its release, although Renée Claude included it in all her stage concerts for many years.

For Ferland, as with many songwriters, writing about one’s emotions is sometimes easier than confronting them. The song originally described the end of a love affair and a desire to leave a relationship. Six years later and in a new political and social context, Ginette Reno’s interpretation brought new meaning to Ferland’s lyrics, adding a dimension of courage and intensity to the piece.

According to producer Guy Latraverse, “We changed the music industry that night because the public made a connection between the songwriter (Ferland) and the world of pop music (Reno). This link produced a unified profession instead of two separate worlds like before.”

Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin became a SOCAN Classic in 2003, joining the select club of French Canadian songs having achieved 25,000 radio spins.

Cover artists include: Ginette Reno, Renée Claude

CREDIT: (Sophie Durocher in Hé boule de gomme, s’rais-tu devenu un homme, published by Libre Expression, 2005).

Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin


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