My Sister and I

Year Inducted: 2008
Era Inducted To: Radio Era
Written In:1941
Lyricist(s):Alex Kramer, Joan Whitney, Hy Zaret
Composer(s):Alex Kramer, Joan Whitney, Hy Zaret

My Sister and I is one of many hits composed by husband and wife duo Alex Kramer and Joan Whitney. The song was inspired by the 1941 American bestseller and controversial WWII diary My Sister and I, which was allegedly written by 12-year-old Dutch boy Dirk van der Heide, and recounted his escape to America with his little sister Keetje after surviving the German invasion of Rotterdam.

Famed American lyricist Hy Zaret helped pen the wartime lyrics, which allude to the catastrophic German Blitzkrieg in the lines: we’re learning to forget the fear / that came from a troubled sky.

While many artists have covered this song, it was Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra’s stunning rendition that gained momentous popularity, reaching #1 on the Billboard chart on June 7, 1941, and #2 on Your Hit Parade, an American radio show featuring the most popular songs of the week, as indicated by record sales. My Sister and I stayed at the top of the charts for 14 weeks, establishing Dorsey as one of the year’s most successful entertainers.

Cover artists include: Dorothy Carless, Bob Chester, Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra, Bob Eberly, Benny Goodman w/ Helen Forrest, Eddy Howard, Dick Jurgens, the King Cole Trio, King Sisters, Jack Leonard, Leo Reisman, Martha Tilton and Bea Wain.

My Sister and I
My Sister and I
My Sister and I



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